3 Ways You Can Showcase Yourself Without Being Arrogant

There comes a time in every interview where you’re asked to talk about yourself, after all, you’re being interviewed for a top finance position at a big company in the Dallas area. However, it’s not in your style, or you don’t want to come off as being arrogant and braggy. Those people are the worst, and your employer knows that too.

So how can you successfully talk about yourself in a way that plays to your strengths and best interests?   There are certain ways you can go about this and we’ll discuss the 3 ways you can showcase yourself without sounding like conceited or into yourself too much.

  1. Know That It’s Part Of The Process

Being interviewed is a way to assess you and your skill set. A company wants to make sure how best to utilize you and how to well you can it with their team. That’s why they’ll always ask you what your strengths and skills are, and you have to sell them on it.

It’s just a part of the process, and something you’ll have to deal with when talking in an interview. So instead of dreading, or getting nervous, act calm and know that this just one more step until you reach your dream job.

  1. Create A List Of Your Wins

Chances are, you’ve felt unsure of your impact at your previous employer or don’t feel like you’ve contributed enough. Not only will that hinder your confidence, it’s simply, not true. We’ve all experienced wins at our jobs and have had our goals met, however, small.

Think of the times you're most proud of and write them down. Then, pick out the ones you’ve been most passionate about and mention those at the interview. That way, when asked about yourself, you can reference back to your list and speak candidly about your successes without sounding like a narcissist.

  1. Have Something To Show Them

It’s good to talk the talk, but you can walk the walk, then a company will instantly consider you, and that’s where you can shine. Sometimes, talking about yourself can be challenging, especially if you’re not exactly sure what could merit an accolade.

But by showing examples of your work, you can seemingly showcase your accolades and actually prove your value to your company. Each example should reinforce the ideal candidate they’re looking for.  So if you’ve worked as an accountant, show your interviewer how you helped the company you used to work for money. That way, you don’t say you're great at your job, you prove it to them, and that speaks volumes.

Selling your abilities and strengths will always play a factor to your interview success. But these 3 ways to showcase yourself will solidify your chances and never make you feel arrogant or full of themselves. It’ll instead, show your character and your capability to get the job done.

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