4-Point Checklist: Build Your Career Path

In the past, there has always been a stigma about career development. Your job would dictate your lifestyle and how your career would unfold. Taking risks or developing your own skills would be seen as a defiant, ill-advised move for your career. However, nowadays not only should you develop your skills, but you should also take charge of your career path.

Use this 4-point checklist to see how you can build your career path.

1. Be Proactive

Nothing in your career will change unless you do. By visiting job boards such as Dallas Accounting Jobs, reading blogs, taking seminars, and investing in your development is a surefire way to increase your skills and create the career you want.

Being proactive about your career path will ignite a fire within you to do what you’ve always wanted to do. As a finance professional, using all available resources to land the job you want is an example of how to be proactive in your career path (and one Dallas Accounting Jobs can assist with).

If you already have a job, use career development tools within your company to further your skill set. Talk to your mentors and people you trust in your professional circle to help you advise and develop the plan you need to succeed. This should be your first step in developing your career path.

2. Talk To Your Mentors Often

Touching on the subject above, having a mentor can propel your career path to extraordinary heights. Who wouldn’t have someone with a proven success record give you advice on what to do, help you with questions, and teach you the ropes?

Let’s say you’re looking for a new position in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. You come across job opportunities in the area but aren’t sure about the company, position or area. If your mentor is experienced enough, they’ll help you assess your options and offer their insight to making the right choice for you (which we hope is using our job boards and landing your dream job).

Having the guidance of your mentors may really help you take the right step to your dream career. Their experience, knowledge, and tricks-of-the-trade will prove invaluable when investing in your career path.

3. Track Your Progress

Take some time to reflect on where you are in your career. Are you on the right path? Is there something you can change?

No step is too small or too big as long as you are moving forward in your career. Assess where you are in your career and see what needs to be done to achieve the level of achievement you want to attain. A great example of this is reviewing your career path every quarter. What are some of the milestones, goals, or “wins” you’ve accomplished? What are some goals you haven’t reached yet?

Tracking your progress isn’t only about reassuring yourself. It’s also about holding yourself accountable for your aspirations. Doing this consistently can make wonders happen for your career path. Stay the course and continue getting better.

4. Perfect Your Timing

When building your career path, it’s always great to try new opportunities and venture into new realms to develop your skills. However, there comes a time where these opportunities don’t serve the same purpose for you, and that’s when it’s time to move on.

Don’t get stuck in a dead-end job. Unless you’ve landed your dream job, always be looking for new, better positions to help you foster your career. That doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a “mercenary” or a wayward employee. Simply put, use your opportunities to further your career and you’ll attain the success you crave.

Knowing when to abandon a situation and move on can actually lead you to even more opportunities in the long run. With your newly developed skills from your previous job, you can be even more valuable to your next employer and make your career path flourish into what you want.

Use this 4-point checklist to build your career path wisely. Ultimately, you create your own destiny, so why not do everything you can to create the perfect situation for yourself?

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