5 Questions To Ask In An Interview  

Dallas Accounting Jobs can put you in position to be interviewed by top finance and accounting departments within the Dallas area, so it’s no surprise we want to prepare every individual for success. So when we do help you get a coveted interview, we want you to be prepared. Often times, people mistake interviews for being a one-way street when in fact, it’s a dialogue. Keep that in mind as we cover 5 smart questions to ask in an interview. 

What’s A Typical Work Day Look Like?

At the end of an interview, there is usually a period of time for you to ask questions. What can separate you from the rest of the interviewees is by asking what a typical work day looks like. This allows you to understand what the company culture is like and shows that you have interest in the position to the interviewer.

Who Would Be My Direct Boss?

Unless you’re applying for a position for chairman of the board, you’ll have a superior to answer to. It’s absolutely crucial you understand how the company’s leadership works for you to succeed at your job. Are you answering to several people or is there only one head honcho? Regardless of the answer, it shows the interviewer that you want to make a good impression.

What’s Your Favorite Aspect About This Company? 

It’s time for you to try the interviewer out. Ask them a personal question about how they feel about working for their current company. After all, there might be a chance you two will meet and it’s important to make friends at the workplace.

This question will also take the interviewer aback as they probably aren’t expecting to do a lot of talking, and this questions poses the perfect opportunity for them to sell you on the job and for you to get a glimpse of what this job is all about.

Are There Any Red Flags With My Resume?

This can be a treacherous question, but if asked correctly, can give you insight on your skills and what the interviewer thinks of you at the moment. Instead of asking for feedback, you’re deliberately asking them to pinpoint a flaw you may have. Take that opportunity to elaborate more on that weakness and to make your cause on an already perfect interview.

What’s One Thing Your Company Could Improve Upon?

Another tricky question, this time however, you’re asking someone who’s already working in the company what they think. It’s important to establish a rapport with the interviewer to channel your personality and your desire to make alliances and work within the company.

Asking the interviewer what they would improve within the company lets them know that you are a critical thinker and that you are ready to make an impact. It also allows you to peep in what the company is already doing, giving you an advantage, once you get hired, to improve the company as well.

Always make sure to use proper interview etiquette whenever possible. Whether it’s an in-person interview or it’s over the phone, these 5 smart questions to ask in an interview will make you stand out from the rest of the interviewees.  

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