3 Essential Tips For A Successful Phone Interview

You know you have the right stuff, that’s why you’re on the Dallas Accounting Jobs’ board. You have the skillset, you know the job climate, and you know everything there is to know about your industry. You submit your resume and get a response back asking for a phone interview. You may be jumping for joy, but are you ready for that next step?

Often times, qualified applicants lose out on big opportunities because of their phone interview. They may have the qualifications, but may not have the proper etiquette or responses needed to be elite talent. Dallas Accounting Jobs prides itself in being the premier job board site for finance professional in the Dallas area, so we want all of our applicants to shine and become superstars in their companies.

So whether this is your first time applying or have had experience, these are the 3 essential tips for a successful phone interview.

Be Prepared

Before you pick up the phone, you must prepare for the interview. Think of it like an in-person interview; jot down your strengths and weaknesses, have a series of questions to ask the interviewer, and be yourself.

The key to preparation is to be sure of yourself and be sure that you can handle anything the interview throws at you. Be prepared to talk about your resume. Be prepared to walk the interviewer through your career, goals, and the scope of the position. Nobody likes to hear someone mumble or stumble across their words. Be confident and you’ll succeed.

Understand The Process

An interview isn’t solely about asking questions; it’s about getting to know each other. The person conducting the interview is looking to see if you fit the company, not necessarily if you can do the job. They’re trained to spot personality traits that favor the company.

When you’re on the interview, let your personality shine. It’s obvious that you need to be both respectful and professional when on the phone, but not allowing yourself to be who you really are could cause a negative impression to the interview. Show them you have confidence in who you are in a professional manner.

Keep Your Emotions In Check

The interview is designed to asses you, so don’t be fooled if they an interview asks tough questions. You may think that your strengths alone will lead you to a successful phone interview, but an interview knows better and will ask about your weaknesses. If you think you don’t have any guess again.

This is where you’ll be tested. Red flags appear in every candidate, so the question therein lies with how well you handle yourself. Be excited and vigorous with your desire to work at the company, but be factual and steady when you're asked questions that could come up as red flags. These may include age, reasons why you left your previous employers, or even experience. Simple answer the question truthful and try to change the topic of conversation to something that plays to your strengths.

With these 3 essential tips, you should be able to have a successful phone interview that will land you your dream job.

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